10 Golden Rules for Data Analysis: 
Webinar with GoDaddy

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In today’s world, data sources continue to multiply rapidly. We must encounter, analyze and use this information to develop insights influencing business decisions in product development, marketing, corporate strategy and more. If you want to improve your data analysis skills or more effectively share the insights you generated, this webinar is for you.

Mr. Lehyani, Ms. Hudiono, and Ms. Levi will share the 10 Golden Rules of Data Analysis, a practical, educational webinar that benefits data analysts, analytics professionals, business unit, budget and product owners, and their colleagues.

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll learn how to:

Develop a common understanding and shared language around data analytics with those developing data expertise

Identify and avoid common pitfalls that plague analysts and data analytics professionals

Ask the right questions at the right time to understand visual, cognitive or communication biases which may have been inadvertently introduced

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Featured Speakers:

Nissim Lehyani

Director of Product, GoDaddy

Elena Levi

Product Manager, Panoply

Join Nissim Lehyani from GoDaddy, Elena Levi from Panoply and Jennifer Hudiono from Chartio for an on-demand webinar to learn the 10 Golden Rules for Data Analysis.

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Jennifer Hudiono

Product Manager, Chartio