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When at an impasse in data management, applying data-driven thinking can often help. What if a virtual data layer could be formed over warehouse and lake, and what if the ETL and modeling burden to build that layer were automated, through the use of machine learning?  Now the warehouse and lake can exist separately, unified virtually, and interfaced autonomously.  

In this 1-hour webinar, you'll discover:

How warehouse and lake can be unified virtually while developing separately

How and when data in the lake can "graduate" to become part of the warehouse

How existing database technologies like views and caching can be applied in new ways to address the new requirements of data-driven organizations.

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Featured Speakers:

Andrew Brust

Analyst, Gigaom Research

Roi Avinoam

Co-Founder and CTO, Panoply

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Data Warehouse + Data Lake: Get the Synergy, Ditch the Complexity

Data Warehouse + Data Lake: 

Get the Synergy, Ditch the Complexity

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