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Panoply's 30-minute webinar walks you through the simple process of integrating and streamlining all your data into one data warehouse, saving you precious time and money.

You'll learn about our easy-to-use tool that combines your multiple data sources - without coding, and optimizes the querying process of your data.

Why you can't miss this webinar:

Learn how to upload all your disparate data without wasting hours of your time. By using Panoply, your data will be sorted and clarified without the need for complicated coding or help with reindexing from the IT or Engineering team. 

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Featured Speakers:

Matt Lubrano

Sr. Data Architect, Panoply

Learn how to get all your diverse data sources aggregated, easily queryable, & connected to any BI tool in just minutes (without coding or help from IT).

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Part One:

After learning how to gather all your data and get it organized and optimized, we’ll show you how Panoply automatically sorts your data into neat tables without you needing to do anything. You’ll be shown how our simple dashboard enables you to do queries that are optimized specifically to save you time. 

You’ll then see how you can make the most of your data by setting up scheduled alerts and connecting your data through Panoply for use with any BI tools. Panoply works with over a hundred leading BI and analytics platforms. 

Date: Every Thursday 

Time: 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST